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Nashville Tennessee condos come in many different size and price options for condo buyers, but what features are most important to you? Learn more about what the different areas of Nashville offer in terms of condo developments, trendy lofts and traditional flats.

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Downtown Nashville The Gulch
East Nashville Midtown (Vanderbilt & 21st Avenue)
Belmont/Waverly/12th South/Melrose Music District
West End West End Circle
Germantown/Salemtown Market District
Green Hills/Belle Meade Southern Suburbs
MDHA/Affordable Condos Proposed Condo Developments


It would be very hard to attempt to pigeon hole the Nashville condo market’s description by any other phrase other than ‘diverse’. Downtown Nashville offers high-rises that reach as tall as 31 stories, the Gulch offers buildings that are as large as 419 condos and Midtown Nashville offers buildings as expensive as $425/foot. However, it would be a rather presumptuous mistake to only describe Nashville’s condo offerings by our biggest and best developments.

Nashville has quite a wide variety of affordable condos that ring the city. I know what you are thinking, the word affordable means old or in a bad area of town, but is truly not the case. There are condo developments in Green Hills that give you the convenience of the 37215 zip code at the expense of another. There are condo developments in Midtown that give you the size and space you would expect to find in Brentwood or Cool Springs. There are even boutique condo developments that offer brand new condos for under $125/ft.

I say all of this to convey to you that condo buyers are not limited to the 4,000 condos located in downtown Nashville, TN. There are thousands of other choices in the surrounding urban and suburban cities that give you the same convenience, style, safety and lifestyle that you deserve.

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